My name is Andrea I. Tapia Fuentes, but you can call me Andy! As you can see I like to get straight to the point while not straying away from the roots. I am a graphic designer, I earned my B.F.A. with an emphasis in graphic design at California State University, Fresno. In terms of design, I love it all, but what really drives me is conceptual work. Work that really dives deep and reaches to create connections with others. Always the nerd, I love to do research and I love discovering what makes certain subjects work, what makes certain functions come alive. I strive to create design that is versatile and alive with rhythm and motion. As a flexible creative I can go from cutesy, artsy design, to corporate design. I am neither here or there. Outside of design I am still always the nerd: video game, history, movies, music, documentaries, true crime, art, science, cats, a walking encyclopedia, always wanting to learn more!
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